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Dr. Nicholas Lawrence
Published a chapter entitled “‘I wont tell you you can save yourself because you can't’: The Western Formula and the Removal of the Hero in No Country for Old Men and Blood Meridian”  in Critical Insights: Cormac McCarthy.  Ed. David Cremean.  Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 2012. (November 2012)

Dr. Dana Lawrence
Presented a paper, “Communication, Collaboration, and Community: Building a Writing Center Using Participatory Design Methodology," at the International Writing Centers Association Conference, October 25 - 27 in San Diego, California.  (October 2012)

Prof. Brent Burgin
Presented a conference presentation, “Earning Trust: Experiences in Managing a Native American Archive,” South Carolina Archival Association, Columbia, SC. Prof. Burgin also accepted a two year appointment as membership officer for the South Carolina Archival Association. (October 2012)

Dr. John Catalano
Published an article, “Francis Lieber”, in Dictionary of Early American Philosophers (2 vols), edited by John R. Shook, Continuum Press, April 2012. (October 2012)

Dr. Lisa Hammond
Published two poems, “Eleven” and “The Goddess Cleans Out Her Purse.” Redux #54 (15 October 2012): np. <http://www.reduxlitjournal.com/2012/10/54-two-poems-by-lisa-hammond.html> (October 2012)

Dr. Lisa Hammond
Presented a conference presentation, “Getting Some: Making Sexual Identity Public in Contemporary American Motherhood Memoirs,” Society for the Study of American Women Writers, Denver, Colorado, October 2012  (October 2012)

Prof. Fran Gardner
Was selected for a Merit Award at the 55th National Juried Art Show at the Maria V. Howard Arts Center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for her piece titled “Mark Leaving Series: Map” (October 2012)

Prof. Campbell Brasington
Co-authored the following publication: "Phenotypic Heterogeneity of Genomic Disorders and Rare Copy-Number Variants" in the New England Journal of Medicine, September 12 2012 issue. (September 2012)

Dr. Betti Obi Johnson
Has been notified that her Classroom Activity "How Heavy Is a Balloon? Using the Ideal Gas Law" published in the Journal of Chemical Education in 2009 (with Henry Van Milligan) made the Journal's top fifteen most popular Classroom Activities from the last 15 years, measured by the number of downloads by readers.  See http://pubs.acs.org/page/jceda8/15years.html. (August 2012)

Prof. Fran Gardner
Had four of her mixed media pieces in the art exhibit South Carolina Palmetto Hands Juried Exhibition in May 2012.  One of her pieces titled Mark Leaving Series #3 has been selected to be in the traveling exhibition for this upcoming year. (August 2012)

Dr. Bettie Obi Johnson and Dr. Fernanda Burke
Published the article “Quantitative Analysis of Bisphenol A Leached from Household Plastics by Solid−Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography−Mass Spectrometry (SPME−GC−MS)” (with Rebecca Harrison and Samantha Burdette) in the Journal of Chemical Education. (August 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Guittar, Nicholas A. Forthcoming in 2013. “The Meaning of Coming Out: From self-affirmation to full disclosure.” Qualitative Sociology Review 9(1). (August 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Grauerholz, Liz, Mandi Barringer, Tim Colyer, Nicholas A. Guittar, Jaime Hecht, Rachel Rayburn, and Elizabeth Swart. Forthcoming in 2013. “Attraction in the Field: What We Need to Acknowledge and Implications for Research and Teaching.” Qualitative Inquiry 19(2). (August 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Has been invited to participate in LYRASIS’ Polite Debate Society in September. The debate, titled “Engaging Responsibly With Users in Information Organizations,” will focus on ethics in Library and Information Science and will present opportunities for library professionals from all specialties to consider ethical dilemmas and actively apply the American Library Association Code of Ethics to their daily work. (August 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Had her proposal, “Doin’ Digi: Academic Librarians’ Role in Digital Humanities, accepted for presentation at the 24th Annual Georgia Council of Media Organizations (GA COMO) Conference.  (August 2012)

Dr. Lisa Hammond
Had her poem "Divorce Song," published recently in the May/June 2012 issue of Jasper: The Word on Columbia Arts.  See http://issuu.com/jaspermagazine/docs/jasper5/51. (June 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Has accepted a two year appointment to the College & Research Libraries News Editorial Board. Members of this group serve in an advisory capacity to the C&RL News editor on all matters concerning editorial content or format, including content improvement and editorial policies. (June 2012)

Dr. Annette Golonka and Dr. Bettie Obi Johnson
Along with students Jonathan Freeman and Daniel Hinson, presented an oral presentation entitled "Determination of Volatile Compounds Produced by Yeasts Inhabiting the Nectar of Silene caroliniana (Caryophyllaceae)" at the Association of Southeastern Biologists Meeting  (http://www.sebiologists.org) on April 6, 2012. (May 2012)

Dr. Todd Scarlett
Presented a poster entitled "Effects of hydroelectric generation on great blue heron (Ardea herdoias) foraging and movements" at the Association of Southeastern Biologists Meeting  (http://www.sebiologists.org) on April 6, 2012. (May 2012)

Dr. Bettie Obi Johnson and Dr. Annette Golonka
Along with student Jonathan Freeman, presented a poster entitled “Evaluation of the Impact of Yeast on Floral Scent in Silene Caroliniana” at the South Carolina Academy of Science annual meeting on April 14, 2012. (May 2012)

Prof. Fran Gardner
Selected as the 2012 Artist-In-Residence for Chaco Culture National Historical Park in Nageezi, New Mexico. (April 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Has been invited to present an online training session for LYRASIS, a national library membership consortium, networking, and collaborative organization, as part of their Ideas and Insight Series, titled “Using Data: Facts, Figures, and the Future of Libraries.” Her presentation, “Navigating the Institutional Review Board Process,” will guide library professionals through the history of Human Subjects Research and offer clarity on preparing an HSR-centered research proposal. (April 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Has been invited to present “ I Can Do That (too!): Using LIS Core Competencies in the Digital Humanities” at the Central Savannah River Area Library Association’s Annual Training Conference. (April 2012)

Dr. Mark Coe
Published the article “Private Practice Opportunities for Early Career Psychologists in Rural Communities” in the Winter 2012 issue of Independent Practitioner.  (March 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Presented "Hello Hallyu! Kpop Fictions, Facts and Fans in the Global Academy," with Crystal S. Anderson, Ph.D. and Mark Byon at KPOPCON at the University of California, Berkeley. Her portion of the 90 minute presentation delved into information ethics and information-seeking behavior in Korean popular culture. (February 2012)

Prof. Kaetrena Davis Kendrick
Her paper, "Who's the Fairest of Us All? A Comparison of the Influence of the ALA COE on Academic Librarians and Library Administrators," has been accepted for publication and presentation at the Library and Information Professionals Summit in Delhi, India. (February 2012)

Dr. Michael Bonner
Published an article:  M. Brem Bonner & Peter McCord  "Reassessment of the Union Blockade's Effectiveness in the Civil War"  North Carolina Historical Review  Volume LXXXVIII, Number 4, October 2011. (February 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Grauerholz, Liz and Nicholas A. Guittar. 2012. Stratification and Oppression. Volume 6 of the Handbook on Sociology. (January 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Guittar, Nicholas A. 2012. “Ripped from the Headlines: The Depiction of Sexual Orientation-Based Hate Crimes in Television Crime Dramas” in Crime Media and the Perpetuation of Racism, Sexism and Class Stereotypes by Joan Connors and Denise Bissler (eds) (January 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Guittar, Nicholas A. 2012. “On and Off the Reservation: A Discussion of the Social, Physical and Mental Health Indicators of Suicide in the Native American Community” Sociology Compass 6(2).  (January 2012)

Dr. Nicholas Guittar
Published the following: Grauerholz, Liz, Megan Deusterhaus, Rebecca Weichsel and Nicholas A. Guittar. 2011. “The Cost of Doing Femininity: Gendered disparities in pricing of personal care products and services.” Gender Issues 28(4). (January 2012)

Prof. Karen Worthy
Completed the USC Graduate Certificate Program in Leadership Studies on December 2, 2011. (January 2012)

Dr. Mark Coe
Published an article entitled "Cultural Competence in Working in Rural Communities" in the Fall 2011 edition of Feedback, the South Carolina Psychological Association quarterly publication.  (January 2012)


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